The Lighthouse WECC 89.3
Tuesday, January 25, 2022
Shining His Light


The Lighthouse has been Shining His Light for 30 years, encouraging people like these:

WECC truly is a Lighthouse to all whom are lost and seeking refuge. - Tonya

The Lighthouse has ministered to us as a family for many years. I remember flipping through the radio channels while driving from Folkston to work in Camden. I came across great sounding music only to realize it was talking about God! At this time in my life I was a single teenage mom and the words and music I heard on The Lighthouse gave me strength to carry on. Now my seventeen year old baby Ericka is serving through the Rock ministry. God is faithful and even through desert seasons He is at work! - Heather, Kingsland

It still amazes me when I get in my car and the exact song I needed to hear is playing, or one of the air ministers is sharing something God needed me to hear. God is amazing. The Rock  Bible Study has blessed me so much. I honestly would not be who I am today without The Lighthouse and The Rock Bible Study! I know that God will continue to use the ministries at The Lighthouse for His Glory. -  Ericka, Kingsland

Your dedication to Kingdom work and your faithfulness to God in our common mission to make disciples serves as a wonderful testimony and reminder that God is the One that enables us to serve. - Ian, St. Marys

We are blessed to be serving in this mission field in our own backyard. We are so grateful for your partnership. We pray God's blessing over the ministry of WECC. - Suzie and Brad Tippins - FCA

I love all the wonderful air ministers who always play the right song at the right timeand I know that it is all God ordained. - Karen & Dale

 I love listening to your music so much - Patricia

I listen to you daily during my commute from Hilliard to Macclenny. Thank you for being a blessing in my daily life. - Scarlet

Thank you. My prayers are with my Lighthouse family. You are making a tremendous difference in the lives of so many. - Darlene

I have listened to other radio stations and they are wonderful – but listening to yours – to you all – really feels like family. I love the prayers  and the revelations you all share. I know you're praying for me and please know I'm praying for you all also! - Mary

I can't tell you how much each of you mean to me, I've encouraged everyone to listen to WECC. ~ Pat & Dollie - Brunswick

I listen to you daily during my commute...Thank you for being a blessing in my daily life. ~ Scarlet - St. Marys

I have listened to other stations and they're wonderful, but listening to yours really feels like family. ~ Mary - Fernandina Beach

Yay! Sent my check and signed for automatic withdrawal! Awesome to be Lighthouse Keepers :0) ~ Rae & John - Waycross

Thank you all for the sacrifices you make to keep God's love and word flowing. ~ Heather - St. Marys

Always start my morning wiht word an dworship.  Thank you for sharing the light for 30 years. ~ Robbi & Katrina - Texas

We always believed WECC was the "good ground" in Matt. 13, that brings forth fruit a hundredfold. ~ Mike & Brenda - Atlanta

I love the uplifting music & message.  We're far apart, but you're my family in Christ! Thanks for being there. ~ Pat - Seattle

How great it is to have WECC available every day! Thanks to our LORD for everything y'all do to spread the gospel of Jesus! I love it.  May God continue the blessings on y'all. ~ Robert - Hilliard



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