The Lighthouse WECC 89.3
Tuesday, January 25, 2022
Shining His Light


The Staff


Paul Hafer

President & General Manger, Air Minister (6-8AM)


Vickie Hafer

 Vice President & Ministries Director, Air Minister (6-9AM)



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Mark McMillan

Operations Manager, Air Minister (10PM - Midnight)






Christy York

Traffic Manager / Administrative Assistant
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Carolyn Johnson




Air Ministers



  Jeanine Kabasakalian

                                                          Monday - Thursday: 10 AM - 12 NOON & Monday: 1-3 PM



Jimmy Kehoe

Monday - Friday 3 to 6 PM



Maria Kehoe

Monday - Fri: 6 to 8 PM
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Kari Dent

Tuesday - Thursday: 1 - 3 PM







  Martin Turner & Steve Curtis

                                                           Friday: 1 - 3PM



Ministry Volunteers

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Tony Cobb - TC Pro Audio

Justin Shannon

Becci Shannon
Odie Holland
Carl Holland
Richard Ksenzakovich
Patty Ksenzakovich
Zoe Ksenzakovich
Amanda Shuck