What is a Day Sponsor?

  • A “Day sponsor” is a donor who gives $60 per month or more to The Lighthouse.
  • This will allow you to be a sponsor of a broadcast day on The Lighthouse WECC!

What comes with being a Day Sponsor?

  • You may use your day sponsorship in honor of a birthday, anniversary, memorial, or other special occasion!
  • You can even record the message personally if you would like!  (We actually prefer if you do)
  • You get to help Shine His Light for a full day, and you get to honor a loved one through your sponsorship!

How do I become a Day Sponsor?

  • You can call in at 912-882-8930, complete the online form, or come visit us at our studios at 5465 Hwy 40 East Saint Marys, GA. 
  • To set up your donation of $60 or more a month please visit our online donation page.
  • If you are already making a donation of $60 or more per month and would like to start a day sponsor you may call us at 912-882-8930, message us on Facebook, fill out the form below or email wecc2@thelighthousefm.org

Thank you for Shining His Light!