Forever Christmas

A little homeless girl in Camden County longs for warmth, food, and shelter, but most of all a “forever family.” Through original music and classical Christmas songs, Little Nell laments the approach of Christmas and the circumstances that are beyond her control.St. Marys Little Theatre director Barbara Ryan Harris said that this holiday’s production will inspire audiences to look upon those less fortunate in a different light.  It’s a timeless story of struggle and angst, but as all good stories do, “Forever Christmas” has a happy and triumphant ending.“The roller coaster ride that we take the audience on will lead up to the opening of hearts throughout the audience,” Ryan said.  “In the end, not only will they be cheering for Little Nell, but also will feel endeared to the mean rich man who threatens to report the little girl to the Department of Children and Families.”Throw in a guardian angel, Santa, some bullying kids, and Rudolph, and you have the makings of a delightful third season holiday production for St. Marys Little Theatre.The play and original songs were written by Barbara Ryan Harris who said that “Forever Christmas” addresses the social conscience but is also a joyous, heartwarming holiday event that will be enjoyed by all ages.“Families with children comprise the fastest growing segment of homeless people,” Ryan-Harris said. “Though people would like to think that our area is untouched by homelessness, there is no community in which this is not an issue that needs to be addressed.”When asked to describe the overall theme of the play, she noted that it’s like “It’s a Wonderful Life” meets “Little Orphan Annie” meets “The Little Match Stick Girl.” “The story is inspiring. The music is inspiring. The performers are inspiring,” Ryan-Harris said. “People will walk away from the theater with a sense of wonder and celebration for the most beautiful season of all.”Performances of “Forever Christmas” are December 8 and 9 at 7 pm, and December 10 at 2 pm at Theater by the Trax, 1000 Osborne Street, St. Marys, Georgia. Tickets are now on sell,  $20 for adults and $10 for children 12 and under, and can be purchased at Once Upon A Bookseller in downtown St. Marys or at (Cash or check at bookstore please.)For more information email or call 912-729-1103.