Anonymous, April 17, 2024 - 6:14 pm

This has been a hard month. We are a large family with seven kids and it has gotten increasingly difficult financially over the last two years. In the last month we have had our water heater go out, my husband have two teeth(a wisdom tooth and molar) have to be removed with no insurance, my brakes have to be replaced (still haven’t done that) and now we just found out that our air that had quit working a couple of weeks ago is a major refrigerant leak and the entire unit has to be replaced which is thousands of dollars. I feel so overwhelmed and so discouraged. I am working two part time jobs plus homeschooling 6 kids and my husband is working 6-7 days a week to where we don’t even get to see him much and I feel often times like a single mom. I am just so tired of struggling and so discouraged. Please pray for us not just for a financial blessing or miracle but for strength peace and encouragement. I am so weary and it feels like a giant weight on me. We are working so hard to provide and we are just hit with thing after thing plunging us further into debt. We need intercession and I just really need strength and encouragement that can only come from God.